New murals pop up on Elmwood Avenue

Posted at 7:01 PM, Oct 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-15 22:49:39-04

Elmwood Avenue has two new works of art.

The creation of these works are quite different, but more public art is needed in the village says Ashley Smith, Executive Director of the Elmwood Village Association. 

At the 1055 block of Elmwood holds the the "Welcome to the Iconic Elmwood Village". Childhood photos of iconic artists from the past rise above the street. People walking by can guess who they are looking at but the names are not listed. In the background of the portraits lies some clues as to who they are. 

"It's a real showcase of diversity and innovation within the district," Smith said. 

The Elmwood Village Association (EVA) and local artists collaborated on the project. EVAhas set strategic goals for the village and increasing public art is one of them. 

"It's really important to have local art because it provides a sense of place to the district," Smith said. 

Just a few blocks away another mural finished up this weekend. It's called "Lip Service" and you can't miss it if you are walking or driving by. 

"We kinda wanted to give the neighborhood something interesting and special," Creator Jon Eisenberg said. 

Business owners Jon Eisenberg and Joseph Stocker wanted to bring something bright to the boring bricks of Elmwood Ave. They own Bureau, a men's tailoring and clothing store just down the street. They are celebrating five years in business and thought a mural would be a great thank you card for all the support the community has given them. 

"We are big into Rock n' Roll and the glam of the 70s and Warhol," Joseph Stocker Co-creator added about the inspiration for the piece. "The lips just popped up and it just felt right, it can be playful maybe slightly naughty without being inappropriate." 

Both murals are being painted as exactly what the Elmwood Village needs right now. 

"It's great because it increases foot traffic so people will stand next to murals and take pictures with them and then walk into businesses," Joel Feroleto, Buffalo Common Council Member said. "We want more foot traffic." 

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