Local company lands deal with Target chain

Rachel's Remedy now available at Target
Posted at 5:33 PM, Jan 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-22 17:33:08-05

It might be called “Rachel’s Remedy,” but it's now a remedyfor moms nationwide thanks to a deal with Target.

“It's really exciting,” said Rachel’s Remedy President, Rachel Jackson. The products were officially placed inside 1,600 Target stores nationwide last week.  

Jackson’s products, meant to help breastfeeding moms, were born from personal experience. The mom of two got clogged ducts and mastitis while nursing her children.  “I got really frustrated with the lack of product on the market to relieve and treat those conditions,” she explained. So, she created waterproof, reusable packs to help with pain relief. “They have silver ions in the fabric that help stop and prevent growth of bacteria and microbes.”

The Target deal isn't Jackson’s first big break. About a year ago, she partnered with Doctor Brown's after making a connection with the company at a trade show. “They're the biggest bottle seller in the U.S. and they distribute in 65 countries.”

She said that’s how she landed the deal with Target. “We have better brand visibility because of the partnership because they have such a bigger and more recognizable name.”

“My kids...it's like their favorite place on earth. So, everyday they're like can we go to Target? I used to say no, no, no, and now they're like can we go to Target, and I'm like absolutely let's go to Target.”