Goodwill boutiques offer high-end items for a fraction of the cost

Getting your favorite brands for cheap
Posted at 5:55 PM, Jul 23, 2018

There’s a new way to snag high-end items, without having to pay high-end prices! Welcome to Deja Blue Boutique.

The boutique, located in the Cherry Creek neighborhood of Denver, is one of many Goodwill boutiques across the country.

“Deja Blue is a boutique Goodwill, but the biggest difference you can see is that it doesn't feel like a Goodwill," says Goodwill spokeswoman Jessica Hudgins.

Hudgins says everything inside the boutique comes directly from the closest drop-off center. These designer donations skip the regular Goodwill store and get sent to a boutique store, where they are placed front and center.

“At a typical Goodwill store, there are a ton of racks that you have to dig to find those high-end items,” says Hudgins. “But at Deja Blue, we've already done that work for you. That way you only sift through our racks to get those high-end brands but not pay those high-end prices."

When The NOW visited the boutique, we found an item priced for $70. That wasn’t the price tag most are used to seeing when shopping at Goodwill, so we asked about it.

"So, we have all the typical low prices that you find at a regular Goodwill store, so you can grab a great dress for $5 bucks, but you also might find a brand new with tags Marc Jacobs item that might be priced a little higher than a typical Goodwill store,” says Hudgins. “But again, you're supporting a good cause, and it's still a fraction of the price of what you find at like Marc Jacobs or another boutique."

For more information or to find a boutique near you, click here.