East Aurora man goes global with special skill

Posted at 9:09 PM, Sep 08, 2017

It's a game most haven't heard of, but it has one Western New York man traveling internationally to compete in a World Cup Championship.

Darryl Howe of East Aurora is hoping to bring home a trophy when he competes in Denmark this weekend in the game Klask.

 "It's fast paced, it's somewhat familiar it feels like air hockey, and it's pretty addicting once you get started," he said.

Familiar but also different. Klask uses high powered magnets on a board that you use to steer the ball into the other player's court, but as with any game there are some obstacles in the way.

Howe will be competing with champions from Sweden, Finland and Russia among other countries.

He's excited about the opportunity, but he's still amazed as to how he got to this point.

"I spent the last 15 years as a toy and game designer," he said. "I went to Indianapolis for a game conference and I met these guys while I was there and found the game Klask. They had a tournament I won, and the prize was to go to Denmark and compete."

Howe gets an all-expenses paid trip to Denmark to compete.