Burmese family living American dream in Amherst

Posted at 6:00 PM, Oct 16, 2017

Sein Win knows his way around the kitchen, but sushi is his specialty so says his daughter and translator, Saw Su Aung.  

He's been making it for decades. First in Japan, then in Amherst, and now in his family owned restaurant: Lime House Japanese and Burmese Cuisine.

Sein's wife, Thet Thet handles all the Burmese dishes on the menu. Her recipes, like the garlic noodle or her homemade tofu, go back generations. “Mom is not the most famous chef in the world but she's definitely the most famous chef in the family,” said Saw Su. 

A family that has waited a long time to open the restaurant. Saw Su said they first came to the U.S. from Burma about 15 years ago. “Dad wanted us to have a better education and a better life. So he brought us here.”

After years of saving, Saw Su said they were able to open their lifelong dream.

Each week, Lime House offers a free sample to all its customers: something different, something unique that you might not order off the menu. This week, it's fried tofu. “She makes her tofu from scratch. Once you fry it, it tastes like butter. We're going to keep doing that as long as we're in business,” Saw Su said.