Buffalo bus boxes could bring some color to the bus stop

Posted at 6:36 PM, Sep 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-24 22:27:36-04

A bus stop and an art project-- two unlikely combinations-- are coming together to create a colorful stop for riders. 

"I think a lot of people want change but they are not willing to do anything for it," Maddie McCauley, founder of the Buffalo Bus Box Project, said. 

McCauley saw a need in her community. She wanted to help bus riders find another way to rest and relax while waiting for a ride. Many bus stops in Buffalo have a bench or a sheltered area, but McCauley wanted to add some public art to the streets while also providing a place for people to lean on. 

"We live in a community that has so many strengths and support systems," McCauley said. "If you want something done then you can create an initiative." 

McCauley also believes that public transportation is vital to improving and developing a city. 

There are two "test" boxes on Elmwood and W Utica Street. Next month McCauley will go before the Buffalo Arts Commission in hopes of getting approved to add ten boxes that were created around the Niagara District. Boxes are planned to be placed at West Ferry Street, Grant Street, and additional ones down Elmwood. 

The whole community has come together to support this cause. The boxes have been funded with help by council majority leader David Rivera and local businesses. Buffalo firefighters built the boxes and local artists painted the cubes. 

"It makes you feel comfortable when you see public art pieces," Nicola Ballard, Rudeboyz owner and artist said. 

Ballard painted three boxes for the Buffalo Bus Box project. Across from her art store Rudeboyz on West Ferry St, is a bus stop and she says she sees people sitting on the ground waiting for the bus. 

Ballard was happy to share her designs. "It boosts moral, I believe," Ballard added. "I believe art is the only way to bridge gaps between people." 

Pending approval more boxes could be popping up mid October. 

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