Adorable little girl loves her "Creepy Crawlers"

She adopted unusual pets
Posted at 5:47 PM, Oct 26, 2017

Some people might not understand how three year old Olivia can love her pets so much. Especially when they discover that her pets are cockroaches. These are not just any cockroaches though, according to her mom Kelly, they are "Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches a domestic breed that people have as pets."

Kelly works at the Erie County S.P.C.A. It was last year year about this time that they rescued a bunch of exotic pets from an East Amherst home and included in the haul was quite a large number of cockroaches. Kelly says " I took pictures of them, showed Olivia and she said she would love a cockroach."

Olivia named all three of her bugs after her favorite cartoon character "Chauncey". Even though the creepy crawlers can't leave their little terrarium, that hasn't prevented Olivia from bringing them along to get their pictures taken with Santa and The Easter Bunny.

The arrangement has worked out well since Kelly's asthma has prevented the family from adopting more traditional pets. The S.P.C.A. has a variety of exotic pets and you can check them out at their website.