The best Cyber Monday deals

Posted at 5:47 PM, Nov 30, 2014

If you couldn't stomach the thought of fighting the Thanksgiving night or Black Friday crowds, we have good news and bad news.

The good:  You now have another chance to bargain shop on Cyber Monday. The bad: The bargains are nowhere near as good as they were Thursday night, according to the website DealNews.com.

Don't Expect Black Friday Round Two

Don;t expect another chance to get that 50 inch Panasonic HDTV for $199.  That was a doorbuster "loss leader," to get you in the store to shop.  Stores don't need to give away products on Cyber Monday. 

They know people will shop anyway.

That said, here are some of the biggest markdowns you will find:


Amazon is advertising a new deal every 10 minutes, so you may want to check in on the website frequently (just have another page ready for when your boss walks by and asks what you are doing.)

Amazon has slashed the price of its slow selling Fire phone from $649 to just $199 without a contract. (They have been selling it for $1 with 2-year contract)

It may still not be enough to move many units, though, as the phone has performed well under expectations.

The Fire HD tablet is marked down from $130 to $109.

Amazon also has Leapfrog kid's tablets at 50% of, and $50 off the popular Nest Thermostat.


Gamestop has some of the best Cyber Monday deals, with $70 off XBox One bundles, and big markdowns on used PS3's, Nintendo Wii consoles, and DS handheld devices.

You will also find discounts on most used games.


Sears and Kmart, stores that pretty much got lost in the Black Friday hype, are rolling out a whole week of deals starting Monday.

They will have a RCA 46 inch HDTV marked down $100 to $349.  Remember, this is NOT Black Friday, so don't expect the same type of TV deals.

Sears also has big markdowns on Craftsman and Dewalt tools all week, so it's a great time to buy for that DIY-er.


Like Sears, Target is making it a "Cyber Week" of deals, so it pays to check their site daily.

Target is also offering store gift cards with several TV's and electronic items, but don't expect the $140 gift card offer that came with iPads on Black Friday.  That deal is long gone.


Remember that Black Friday Asus laptop for just $99 at Staples? 

If your store was sold out, you can get a similar budget Asus for $149 on Cyber Monday online from Staples.  Not as good a deal, but not bad.


Walmart is offering deals of "up to 50% off," mostly on clothing and small kitchen appliances, according to CNN/Money.

It also has a "pay with cash" feature for shoppers who don't have credit cards, where you can pick up the item in store and pay with cash.

Bottom line:  look around:  every web retailer is offering discounts, but some may not be that great.  And be sure to look for free shipping wherever you buy, so you don't waste your money.


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