The art of puppetry on display in Lockport

She makes puppets and brings them to life
Posted at 9:50 PM, Aug 02, 2016

Tucked away in a little corner of Lockport is a studio called Art 247. Inside you will discover some interesting characters. If you like puppets you will love this display of the artistry of Meada Taylor. Meada founded a group called Kuumba-Nia Productions in 1999.

Meada has that special magic. Not only can she create puppets, but she can bring them to life. She makes all kinds of puppets including marionettes and hand puppets.

The name KuumbaT-Nia was derived from two principles of Kwanzaa; "Kuumba" meaning creativity and "Nia" meaning purpose. The two titles were put together to mean "Creativity with a Purpose" with the mission "to help develop productive citizens through the arts of puppetry and drama." 

Her special display can be seen at Art 247 Wednesday through Sunday 9-5 PM until August 28th.