Tests in Buffalo, more schools show high lead levels

Posted at 11:41 PM, Oct 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-25 23:41:19-04

Schools districts continue to release results from their state mandated lead testing. Buffalo Public Schools released a third of their results on Tuesday. 

The school has 6,700 hundred water sources. The district knows the results for 2,300 sources, 68 showed signs of elevated lead levels. Of those 68 sources that tested over the state acceptable 15 parts per billion of lead, five were water fountains.

The one water fountain tested at 1,300 ppb, that's over 80 times the acceptable limit. The drinking fountain is on the third floor of the Olmsted at Kensington School. The fountain has been turned off, as well as the other water sources that test over 15 ppb. 

The superintendent says the school is doing everything they can to fix the sites that tested at an elevated level. The district will either replace or remove the drinking fountains that tested over 15 parts per billion.

Results for the remaining schools, will be released over the coming weeks. 

One drinking fountain in the Fredonia Central School District tested nearly 200 times over the acceptable limit. According to the superintendent, that fountain is located in a classroom that was turned into an office, years ago.

You can also test your home for lead. A 20 dollar home kit can test for lead, pesticides, nitrates and chlorine.

Lead testing is going on in schools, but what about your house? It's easy. We just tested our water fountain. It's safe. @WKBW pic.twitter.com/y7NfGqTI6t