Testing for contamination from Wheatfield landfill expanded to residential properties

Posted at 4:11 PM, Apr 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-17 18:52:59-04

Governor Cuomo has called on the Department of Environmental Conservation and Health for immediate and expanded testing for contamination at the Wheatfield landfill.

Soil and groundwater testing will be also be conducted on properties surrounding the landfill to determine if nearby homes have been impacted.

Cuomo says tests at the Municipal Water Treatment Plant continue to show no impact to drinking water.

"New York is committed to ensuring communities across the state have safe, reliable access to drinking water, and I am directing DEC to expand their investigation and ensure no contamination from the Niagara Sanitation Landfill is impacting nearby residential properties," Governor Cuomo said. "This investigation will move quickly and thoroughly to ensure that there are no impacts to surrounding homes from the landfill."

Sampling will begin as soon as property owners give access to the DEC. The testing is expected to take place within the next month. The tests will start with residence who border the landfill along Forbes Street and Forbes Terrace. Further testing will be determined based on these residential results.

The Town of Wheatfied is also in the process of building a fence to protect the public from exposure to materials in the landfill.