Tenants fed up with urine in hallways and broken elevator

Posted at 6:48 PM, Jan 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-11 12:13:55-05

Urine on the hallway floors, elevator with trash/no working lights, and a broken entrance door---those are some of the issues tenants living in Buffalo Municipal Housing on Perry Street are faced with. They feel their safety and health are at risk.

The apartment tower at 279 Perry Street is owned and operated by Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority. The issues--- the upkeep of the building and safety. Tenant Kimberly Jarrett said she's been complaining about this for tha month. 

"I's urine filth and debris all in the elevators. As you go up the steps there are piles of dirt," Jarrett said. 

The broken entrance door is another concern of Jarrett. The door usually is closed and locked to keep unwanted guests out. Since it's been broken, someone has vandalized the janitor's supply room. The one working elevator has no lights inside. 

"We suppose to have a maintenance person. He informed me that he was not required to sweep and mop the steps due to BMHA having contractors. I have not seen a contractor," Jarrett said. 

After weeks of frustration, tenants are finally seeing some action. 7 Eyewitness News Reporter Justin Moore took their concerns across the street to the BMHA Administration Office. During our 5:00pm newscast BMHA Executive Director Dawn Sanders Garrett released this statement to 7 Eyewitness News. 


The Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority has staff assigned to clean and perform maintenance in the common areas of each of our buildings on a daily basis. They are required to perform a written checklist of duties, and to report any other maintenance issues they encounter.

In this case, the laborer assigned to 279 Perry did not fulfill those duties, and will face disciplinary action.

After becoming aware of the situation, the building was inspected by Modesto Candelario, Assistant Executive Director and staff was called to address the situation.  The broken elevator lights and damaged entrance door, which are the result of vandalism, are also getting immediate repairs.