Teen gives "power of the pen" a new meaning

Posted at 6:28 PM, Apr 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-22 12:36:09-04

A Williamsville East High School Student is using the power of the pen to save lives.

Raquelle Raugh wrote a letter to Amherst Town Leaders as part of a class assignment. She addressed the issue of no sidewalks along Paradise Road for students to get to and from Williamsville East High School safely.

“I didn’t even expect them to respond. But they responded and they say they were going to like act on it,” Raugh said.

Raugh said this letter was very personal to her. In 2012 Raugh’s friend, Erin Suszynski lost her life only a few blocks away on Maple Avenue. Suszynski was hit by a SUV while trying to cross the busy street.

“It was just like really drastic and I just wanted like make you know walking like across the town safe and stuff,” Raugh said.

Earlier this week Amherst Town Leaders voted in favor of putting 1,200 feet of sidewalk on Paradise Road and Klein Road. Raugh was one of the first to know about the new sidewalk. Town leaders even sending her a personal letter about it.

“I honestly think more people will walk to school. Because it’s like safer to walk there.”

It could take up to a month for the sidewalk project to be completed.