Teen convicted in deadly Lockport fire sentenced

Posted at 4:36 PM, Apr 25, 2017

The Lockport teen convicted over his role in the warehouse fire that killed 14-year-old Joe Phillips has been sentenced by a judge.

The judge in the Lockport fire case has ordered the teen to be placed on one year probation. The teen has also been ordered to enter treatment at WNY Children's Psychiatric Center.

A probation officer in the case recommended placement with Social Services, but the judge did not think it was necessary as teen was "no danger to the community."

Last month, the 14-year-old teen pleaded guilty to burglary and arson after new cell phone video, taken inside of the building, served as evidence connecting him to the massive fire at High Tread International Recycling Plant last August.

Among the video clips was one showing a fire fueled by papers and boxes on the floor inside of the building, with no visible faces. Another clip shows the fire while two boys debate whether they should report what is going on.