Talks of turning McKinley Mall into sportsplex

Posted at 5:52 PM, Apr 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-05 17:51:54-04

The McKinley Mall in Blasdell is struggling financially, but plans are in the works to try and change that.

This latest idea is to build a major sports complex on the site.

Debt research firm, Fitch Ratings, says the mall is in financial trouble with its loans. The Buffalo News is reporting the mall is as risk of imminent monetary default on its mortgage.

Town of Hamburg Supervisor, Jim Shaw understands something needs to change.

"To be sustainable over a long period of time the mall has to be more than just quick food eats in cafeterias and big box retail stores," he says.

Shaw says if McKinley Mall keeps losing tenants its' future could be in question.
That's why he is proposing the mall to be re purposed into a multiplex sports complex, something the Town of Hamburg has been talking about for years

If Shaw's idea of re purposing the mall comes into fruition at McKinley mall, he says it could provide the long term salvation in which the malls needs. 

"Enhance our quality of life, deal with the need to provide recreational services to our community and maintain our tax base," he said.

The sportsplex would include ice arenas, turf fields, locker rooms, and restaurants.
Shaw says the next step is to talk with the owner of the mall, Stoltz Managment, to see if this idea is at even all possible.

"I want to find out if we can help them and at the same time help ourselves," Shaw said.

7 Eyewitness New reached out to Stoltz, but declined our request for comment on the matter.

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