Surveyor hit and killed in Sardinia

Posted at 9:30 AM, Jul 07, 2016

A surveyor was hit and killed while working on Route 39 in Sardinia.

The Erie County Sheriff's Office says a sedan crossed over lanes between Savage Road and Mill Street around 4 p.m. Wednesday and hit Samuel Pagano, 22, of South Wales. After hitting Pagano, investigators say the car struck a tree and a utility pole. 

Pagano was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver suffered a leg injury and is not facing charges at this time.

The Sheriff's Office says the investigation is continuing.

However, the accident is weighing heavy on the minds of local road crews who say they are having more close calls with vehicles because drivers are paying less attention.

7 Eyewitness New Reporter Ed Reilly spent the day talking with people about the fatal accident.