Survey shows support for ride sharing upstate

Posted at 5:51 PM, May 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-04 08:46:42-04

A new poll conducted by Global Research Group shows an overwhelming majority support regulated ride sharing services in western New York. According to the survey released Tuesday, 75% of those polled would like to see services like Uber and Lyft available in our area.

The service allows you to contact a driver in your area via an app on your phone. Users say it's easy, convenient and less expensive than a cab service. That's why plenty are surprised it's still not available here.

Jesse Carrey-Beaver often relies on ride sharing services. The 25-year-old actor from Manhattan tours across the country with the cast of Dirty Dancing. “The option of sharing cabs like Uber pool or the Lyft line is a great way to save money,” Carrey-Beaver said. “Because I'm used to taking Ubers and Lyfts especially on tour, that's how we get around, it's a setback,” he added.

Carrey-Beaver’s boyfriend, Stephen Chan, agrees. He was also counting on ride sharing to get around the area. “It's very convenient. I like it. Pricing is generally cheaper and then I just avoid surge hours when they crank up the price.” Chan said he uses it when he travels. But, he also uses it at home in Manhattan. Ride sharing has been available downstate for five years.

Meantime, many who live upstate are hoping it finally gets the green light and soon. “It's something that's growing across the country and I think there's other ride sharing programs too. I think it would be good for Buffalo,” said Buffalo resident, Joe Fahey. “It would be nice to have it anywhere,” concluded Carrey-Beaver.

The legislation remains held up in committee in both houses. However, lawmakers say there is a push to pass it this session which ends in June.