Surprise storm baby turns one week old, parents give thanks

Posted at 8:52 PM, Nov 27, 2014

It's been one week since Jillian Marchioli gave birth to her eight-pound baby Loxley. But it's the story about the hours leading up to the baby's birth that has everyone talking.

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Exactly one week ago, Anthony Marchioli rented a Bobcat from a local hardware store. Anthony's mission: to help his neighbors plow out from the massive snow storm.

As Anthony was helping his neighbors dig out, his wife, Jillian was standing in the middle of the road. Her water had broke. Roads were covered in snow. With no way to get to the hospital, Jillian hoped on the tractor.

"It was a very unique mode of transportation," said Jillian.

Anthony's car was buried. He had no choice – he put his wife in the seat of the tractor, put her bags between her legs, grabbed the U-bar of the tractor with one hand, the wheel with the other, and went full speed ahead to the hospital.

Hours later, little Loxley was born. Now a week later, the family is doing well.

"She's doing great," said Anthony. "We're catching up on sleep."

"We're so happy she could be with us this Thanksgiving," said Jillian.

This Thanksgiving, her parents are thankful for their little bundle of joy.

"We're just so happy that she is healthy and well,"said Jillian. "Our family is complete."