Summer concert venues crack down on underage drinking

Posted at 11:34 PM, Jun 16, 2016

It's a typical Thursday summer night at Canalside. Music fills the air, and thousands pack the venue to hang out with friends. But if you're under 21 and think Canalside is a good place to use a fake ID or sneak in alcohol, think again.

"We have zero tolerance," said Ryan Coate, General Manager of Spectra. "The legal drinking age is 21, and we will not tolerate it."

Canalside is tightening security this season, and along with that comes a crack down on underage drinking. Canalside officials say bags will be checked, and if you bring liquid in, it will be confiscated and thrown in the garbage.

This week, Governor Andrew Cuomo launched coordinated sweeps during the summer concert season at underage hotspots named by the state. Among the locations included in the crackdown is Darien Lake's concert venue.

The sweeps include members of the State Liquor Authority and State Police. The Governor says they're encouraged to deter underage drinking and prevent the use of fake IDs.

Although Canalside is not on the crackdown list, Coate says there's a plan in place to handle those underage or of age who have had too much to drink.

"We have plenty of security who will bring them down to the emergency services are and keep you safe. They're kept with our security firm until a parent or guardian comes to get them," said Coate.

To separate the 21 and over crowd, IDs are checked at the two entrances to Canalside. Those over 21 are given an orange bracelet.

We did reach out to Darien Lake for a statement but have not heard back yet.