Successful first run of Pups at the Pen program

Posted at 11:13 AM, Aug 12, 2016

Erie County Sheriff Timothy Howard and SPCA Executive Director Gary Willoughby announced Friday that Nicky and Maxie have graduated the Pups at the Pen program at the Erie County Correctional Facility.

Nicky and Maxie were surrendered to the SPCA this summer and became the first candidates for this new program.

The dogs completed a six-week session, living with female inmates and receiving training every day. They worked on leash-walking, focus and motivation exercises, basic commands, roundabout turns, hand targeting, and more.

The dogs will be available for adoption Saturday, August 13 at the SPCA's "Canines on the Catwalk" event in Slade Park at the Erie County Fair. They are bonded brothers and must be adopted together.

The next Pups at the Pen dog(s) will be transported to the Erie County Correctional Facility later this month.

For more information about the Pups at the Pen program or to inquire about Nicky and Maxie please contact the SPCA Serving Erie County, 716-629-3505.