Study: Spanking bans linked to less violence in teens

Posted at 6:22 PM, Oct 30, 2018

Whether it was a hand, or the wooden kitchen spoon, some parents used spanking as a form of punishment, to let their kids know they did something wrong.

"I thought twice about doing it," one parent said about being spanked as a child.

The topic is widely debated, but a new study found countries that ban spanking and slapping in homes and schools experienced lower rates of physical fighting in teenage boys and girls.

"We do notice that when we spank the kids they hit more, so I do agree with the study," a Western New York parent said.

Dr. David Myrow is a local psychologist who practices in West Seneca. He doesn't feel any type of punishment is a useful intervention for kids.

"When children are spanked in a hurtful way, it crushes their sense of safety that they need," said Dr. Myrow.