Study: New York is third most 'moved out of' state

Posted at 11:02 AM, Feb 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-21 11:31:50-05

Americans are leaving New York State, instead opting to live in Mountain West and Pacific West states.

The Annual National Movers Study, which is done by United Van Lines, tracks customers as they move state-to-state.  The study found that New York was the third "Most Moved Out Of" state, following Illinois and New Jersey.   In fact, the study found that the Northeast as a whole experienced a "moving deficit."

The states people were most likely to move to tended to be in the Mountain West and Pacific West.  In fact, 54% of all the moves taking place in those areas were people moving in.  The study found the top three states people moved to were Vermont, Oregon and Idaho.

Southern states saw a high number (52%) of people choosing to move there.  Here are the top inbound and outbound states according to the study:

Moving In

The top inbound states of 2017 were: 

1. Vermont

2. Oregon

3. Idaho

4. Nevada

5. South Dakota

6. Washington

7. South Carolina 

8. North Carolina

9. Colorado

10. Alabama


Moving Out 

The top outbound states for 2017 were:

1. Illinois 

2. New Jersey 

3. New York 

4. Connecticut 

5. Kansas

6. Massachusetts

7. Ohio

8. Kentucky

9. Utah

10. Wisconsin


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