Active shooter drill at Frontier High School

Posted at 12:32 PM, Apr 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-22 12:32:54-04

Preparing for the threat of shooters in schools, malls and any public place has become a reality for first responders. On Thursday, students in Hamburg worked hand in hand with police to make that training even more real.

" Everything is potentially a target," explained Special Agent in Charge Adam Cohen with the FBI. "Wherever there are people, those places can potentially be targeted by individuals who work there, who go to school there, or who shop there."

School shootings have become all too real for countless schools.

"Our routines are only as good as when they need to be used in real life, and this was the closest thing we could do to doing it in real life," said Dr. Bret Apothorpe, the Superintendent of Frontier Central School District.

That is why active shooter exercises are extremely important. Law enforcement often hold drills in empty buildings. Schools also have several lockdown practices a year. However, it is rare when they join together in the same drill.

"Students have a huge responsibility in the safety of the building," said Jeff Sortisio, the principal of Frontier High School. "In this case, their reaction to the call of the lockdown to some of the more intense scenarios is real important."

First responders and students practiced several scenarios, in which law enforcement and EMS personnel responded to an active shooter, cleared the building, treated the wounded and dealt with a hostage situation on a bus.

After the drill, law enforcement and the school district looked at what went right and wrong. They were even looking at students social media accounts to make sure they did not accidentally give any potential shooters information.