Stuck cars slowing Hamburg cleanup

Posted at 10:53 PM, Nov 22, 2014
and last updated 2015-11-17 21:31:55-05
During an automated call to Town of Hamburg residents on Saturday night, the office of emergency management says 80 to 85% of secondary roads have been cleared.
The Town hopes to get to the remaining roads during the overnight hours but said out-of-town equipment operators have "inadvertently" missed some streets.
A State of Emergency remains in effect in Hamburg with no unnecessary travel.
Hamburg Police are helping crews deal with a number of stuck vehicles that have slowed the cleanup effort.
Many residents have not seen a plow all week and have been stuck in their homes.
Some tell Eyewitness News that they are very angry at all the drivers who violated the driving ban and got stuck - thus slowing the cleanup progress.
The Hamburg Office of Emergency Management has tried to keep residents updated on a regular basis by sending out CODE RED automated calls with information about the cleanup.
Officials emphasize that people should not come into the town for "sightseeing" of the Snowvember Storm’s aftermath.
The driving ban was lifted Saturday morning but a travel advisory remains in effect.
For the elderly or sick who need help shoveling a path to their doors, a faith-based group is offering to help.
They can be reached at 716-677-3900.
Hamburg officials say the group will not clear roofs or entire driveways,but will ensure that a pathway is open to the residence.