Stitch Buffalo weaves together refugee community with empowering workshops

Posted at 6:11 AM, Nov 17, 2017

Moving to a new country can be stressful - new languages, people, cultures, surroundings and ways. But change can be made easier with support systems - like Stitch Buffalo.

What started with one refugee woman back in 2014, has since grown into a diverse community of over 55 women from around the world. Countries from Bhutan and Burma, to Nepal and Thailand.

The goal? To bring these women together, once a week, to create meaningful, handmade work during workshops that they then sell within the community for a fair wage. 

It's about helping them, help each other.

Whether it's finding a someone who identifies with your struggles, someone to grocery shop with, explore the area, confide in or learn from, each woman teaches something to the group based on her own experience. 

Saturday, November 25th, Stitch Buffalo opens their first-ever retail space, a shop donated by Rich Products on Niagara Street.

The goal, is to one day have the women running their own shop, selling their own handmade cultural, intricate crafts. 

For more on Stitch Buffalo and their mission, visit their website