Stepmother who burned toddler with hot water waived right to felony hearing

Posted at 1:07 PM, Feb 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-21 15:24:58-05

A woman accused of burning a toddler by pouring scalding hot water on her waived her right to a felony hearing in court Tuesday.

Natajua Lee, the young girl's 19-year-old stepmother, will appear before a grand jury and her bail continues at this time.

Leah's mother, Indaysha Chambers, says Lee burned her daughter on July 25, 2016.

Chambers says she fought the Buffalo Police to investigate for months. She says her two-year-old daughter told her that her stepmother burned her.

"My baby sat in pain for five days in the hospital saying to me that she was strong and asking me not to cry," Chambers wrote on the Facebook page she created for the incident, Justice for Leah Lee. "I can admit my daughter was much stronger than I was. She kept me calm and I cried way more than she did."

"I got burned. It was sad," Leah told the Buffalo News. "My back felt red. Red is hot."

According to The Buffalo News, Leah's burns have healed, but physical scars and emotional trauma remain. Chambers told The Buffalo News Leah won't let her mom wash her hair, because that's how she was burned - Lee was washing her hair with shampoo and then poured hot water over her head.

Chambers said investigators told her there is no way water from the bathtub was hot enough to burn Leah - it had to have been intentional.

Chambers announced on the Justice for Leah Lee Facebook page that she and Leah will be moving to Atlanta to start over.

Neither the Defense Attorney nor the District Attorney commented after court on Tuesday.