State rules to terminate Williamsville school assistant superintendent

Posted at 8:33 AM, Jun 13, 2017

The Williamsville Central School District's Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources has been fired. The board of education voted unanimously to terminate the employee on Tuesday.

Kim Kirsch has been on administrative leave since 2014. The district wants her fired on the grounds that she didn't do her job and undermined the Superintendent. Her attorney has argued that she went to a school board member with concerns over inappropriate activity on the part of her boss, District Superintendent Scott Martzloff, and that Martzloff is simply trying to punish her.

During an interview Tuesday, 7 Eyewitness News Reporter, Ali Touhey asked Martzloff about that allegation. He said "the hearing officer touches on that several times throughout his decision and speaks to retaliation did not take place." 

Touhey also asked Martzloff whether he had ever given Kirsch a warning prior to putting her on paid leave. "I'd rather keep those conversations private," he said.

The State Education Department examined both sides of the argument during the course of 49 hearings, and thousands of transcripts and determined that Kirsch should be terminated for misconduct, insubordination and other charges.  A hearing officer found that she was guilty of 103 of the 113 "specifications" brought against her.

Neither Kirsch nor her attorney responded to our requests for comment. She has filed a federal lawsuit against the school district, the school board, and the superintendent.