NYS to apply for Lost Wages Assistance program

Posted at 7:41 PM, Aug 21, 2020

NEW YORK (WKBW) — New York State will apply for the Lost Wages Assistance program, Budget Director Robert Mujica said Friday.

Until the end of July 2020, the Federal Government was providing an extra $600 per week supplemental benefit to those who were off-the-job due to COVID-19.

When Congress failed to agree on extending the $600 payment through a new stimulus package, President Trump used an Executive Action on August 8 promising unemployed workers they would get $400 per week.

There was a catch. States had to pay 25 percent ($100) of the supplemental weekly benefit.

New York Governor Cuomo said earlier this week he would not work with FEMA to get extra Federal unemployment assistance due to concerns about state reimbursement.

Mujica's statement suggests the Federal Government has changed its stance on the states providing 25 percent of the weekly benefit.

"Now that the federal government has blinked and will no longer make states provide funding they do not have, New York State will apply for the Lost Wages Assistance program. As Governor Cuomo has said, politics does not impact policy -- especially during a pandemic -- and if New Yorkers are in need, this administration will do everything we can to support them. But make no mistake, this does not absolve Washington from doing its job, and they must pass a comprehensive aid package that provides a stable extension of unemployment benefits, repeals the SALT cap and supports local and state governments. Anything else would simply be unacceptable."