Definition of telemarketing expanded to protect New Yorkers from telemarketing by text message

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Posted at 12:22 PM, Jul 13, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-13 12:22:46-04

NEW YORK (WKBW) — New York State has expanded its definition of telemarketing to protect New Yorkers from telemarketing by text message.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed legislation Tuesday which expanded the definition of telemarketing to include marketing by text message. New Yorkers were previously only protected against unwanted robocalls under state law, texting was not defined as telemarketing, new legislation closes that loophole.

"Our consumer protections need to keep pace with technology and New Yorkers who have long been plagued by the nuisance of annoying calls from telemarketers now have to contend with unwanted texts attempting to sell them things they don't want," Governor Cuomo said. "This legislation closes this annoying loophole and will help ensure our laws are modernized to confront the needs of New Yorkers."