State Education Department has plan to decrease teacher shortage

Posted at 11:23 AM, Apr 10, 2018

The State Education Department proposed regulatory changes to reinstate an individual evaluation pathway in certain certificate titles for teacher candidates who have not completed an approved teacher education program but have completed coursework and field experience. The change will help school districts find qualified teachers in certificate areas that have been difficult to fill.


"Districts continue to tell us they're having difficulty recruiting and retaining qualified teachers in certain hard to staff subject areas," said Board of Regents Chancellor Betty A. Rosa. "This regulatory change will help administrators hire the teachers they need, while we maintain the rigor of New York's certification process."


"Certifying teachers through individual evaluation just makes sense," said State Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia. "These individuals are well-qualified to teach in their areas of expertise, and our students will benefit from having them in the classroom."


School districts throughout the State have indicated that they are finding it difficult to recruit and retain qualified teachers in certain certificate areas. To help address these reported teacher shortages, the Department proposes to reinstate individual evaluation for the following certificate titles:  

•Early childhood education (birth-grade 2)
•Childhood education (grades 1-6)
•Generalist in middle childhood education (grades 5-9)
•English language arts (grades 5-9)
•English language arts (grades 7-12)
•Literacy (birth-grade 6)
•Literacy (grades 5-12)


The proposed change will allow qualified candidates to become certified in these areas, creating larger pools of qualified teachers from which schools can recruit and hire.



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