Sprucing up your space, new or old: experts chime in on affordable decorating tips

Posted at 6:21 AM, Jun 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-07 07:31:24-04

In a hot seller's market, buying a home may be easy, it's the decorating process that can sometimes be a bit more challenging.

Choosing a theme, colors, decor, even furniture for your brand new space can be tough, especially when you're working within a budget. Not to mention, juggling a busy home life, a job and other priorities. 

Home improvement expert Margie Mokhiber, Owner & President of MAM Development Inc. says, home staging and decorating can be easier than you think. A good place to start? Right inside your home.

"We like to shop in the home first, before we go out and start buying new things," Mokhiber says.

Go the inexpensive route when dressing up your new space. Paint, throw pillows, accent rugs, combine new things with older expensive central pieces that you love from your previous home.

Can't afford a brand new theme room-to-room? 

Take a theme that was once in your old bathroom and use it in your new living room.

Can't afford brand new furniture?

Rearrange the things you have. Mokhiber says, "moving things around can give your space a whole new feel."

Even if you can't afford to buy new, these tips also work if you're trying to get some spring cleaning done, start small and work your way up!