Springville could get slammed with snow and residents are preparing

Posted at 12:24 PM, Nov 17, 2014

The flakes may have come early but residents in Springville said that they are ready for the snow.

"Living in Springville, you have to expect a lot of snow," Resident Robert Roggie said.

Whether heading to work or out for for the first week of deer hunting season, residents said the snow is just part of life. Some people like Lisa Rango said it is somewhat of a shock to the system.

"I just recently moved back here from Texas. It's my first winter here in a few years," Rango said.

Rango said because of her job, she's making her way through the snow no matter how much Mother Nature dumps on the area.

"I'm a home health nurse based in the city. This is my route and I have six patients here that I have to make sure are safe," Rango said.

For others, this snowfall is the perfect setting for a date with nature.

"Filling up old quad getting ready for hunting," Resident Todd Baker said.

Carl Hill is also heading out to hunt.

"Snow for opening weekend of hunting season and I hope more comes," Hill said.

Other people are taking to make sure they don't get stuck, filling up their gas tanks for more than a little fun.

"Looks like it starting early, so I thought I'd better be prepared," Roggie said.

As the snow continues to fall, many say it will be a long winter but they take it all in stride.

"I love it. On vacation this week and have nothing better to do. It's Buffalo who cares," Baker said.