Spend 30 hours in a coffin - win $300

Posted at 8:15 AM, Oct 12, 2018

Six people are planning to spend 30 hours in a coffin as part of a Fright Fest promotion at Darien Lake.

The contestants are competing for a $300 cash prize, a pair of 2019 season passes, and a Fright Fest prize pack.  They have to stay in the coffin from 1:00 pm Saturday, October 13th until 7:00 pm Sunday, October 14th.  Every hour the contestants get a six minute bathroom break and 13 minutes of phone time.  They will also get four meal breaks.  Over the course of the challenge, they will compete in five physical challenges to earn "extra break time."

Nicholas Stilb from Buffalo, Brian Mueller of Canandaigua, Tracey White of Dansville, Deanna Dapice of Hornell, Bridgette Arnold of Stillwater and Cailee Sarick of West Seneca are all competing.

Fans can follow #SixFlagsCoffinChallenge to get updates.  The physical challenges will be streamed live on the Six Flags Darien Lake Facebook or Instagram pages.

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