Spectrum switching to digital only: how much will it cost you?

Posted at 4:04 PM, Mar 19, 2018

Spectrum is upgrading to an all-digital network, which it says will provide better picture quality and faster internet speeds. But it means an end to plugging the cable cord right into the back of a television. Soon, in order to get cable on different TVs, customers will need to have a Spectrum digital receiver (or other device) for each TV.

The change for customers in WNY has been going on since January. Spectrum is contacting individuals regarding specific upgrade dates and informing them of the new network. Different communities are being upgraded each week through June.

For Spectrum customers, each box costs $6.99 per month. If you have a legacy Time Warner Cable package, additional boxes cost $11.75 per month.

Certain customers might be eligible to receive one or more additional receivers at no cost for a certain period of time:

  • Those who currently receive Spectrum's "Limited Basic" service--or TCW Starter TV--are eligible to receive two free receivers for two years.
  • "Limited Basic"/Starter TV customers who qualify for Medicaid may receive two free receivers for up to five years.
  • Customers currently receiving the "Expanded Basic" service tier--TWC Standard TV--are eligible to receive two free receivers for one year.
  • Customers currently on the "Digital" service tier--TWC Preferred TV and above--may receive one free receiver for one year.

Some restrictions apply, so Spectrum asks customers to contact the company to confirm their eligibility.

An alternative to paying for digital receivers for each additional TV is to download the Spectrum app on different devices. If you have an XBOX One gaming system you are able to download the app to watch live TV without a receiver. You could also buy a streaming device and download the Spectrum app on it.
According to Spectrum, "customers can use the Spectrum TV app on a Spectrum TV-enabled device, like a Roku or Xbox One or with some Samsung Smart TVs".
Things to know:
  • Spectrum TV subscription required, customers can use on mobile devices - iOS, Android, PC, Amazon Fire platforms, in or outside of home.
  • Spectrum Internet also required if using on a Roku, Xbox One and Samsung Smart TV - i.e. on a TV in the home.
  • You can visit Spectrum's website here for more detail and troubleshooting tips.
Digital receivers can be obtained through direct shipment to a customer's home by visiting  or by calling 1-844-278-3408. Customers can also pick up equipment at a nearby Spectrum store.

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