Special delivery is made to a local first grader

Posted at 6:23 PM, Dec 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-20 18:23:32-05

Just days after a six-year-old boy lost his mother, Cheektowaga Police are trying to bring joy and comfort to him and his family. 

Emetrious Harless received a special delivery from the Cheektowaga Police on Wednesday afternoon at his school, Union East Elementary School. 

"This is a little something from target they gave you some goodies and stuff because you couldn't make it shopping with us the other day," Cheektowaga Police Sergeant, Caleb Harte, said. 

The police has taken underprivileged children shopping at target for the past two years through Project Blue Mittens.

Officers, the Hope Project WNY and Marketing Mayor all came together last year to take five local children for a shopping spree. This year, the project expanded to eight children and four families. 

Emetrious could not attend the shopping spree on Monday. 

His older sister, Crystal Moye, says las Friday he was at his Cheektowaga home, alone with his mother, when she began having a seizure, so Emetrious called 911.

"He's done it before," Moye said. "This isn't the first time." 

Moye says this is at least the third time the first grader has had to call call for help, but this time, tragically, his mother did not survive.

"We didn't know, we weren't prepared for this," she said.

Moye says her mother nominated Emetrious for Project Blue Mittens.

Cheektowaga Police delivered a bag filled with toys -- Legos, transformers and other games to Emetrious.

Sergeant Caleb Harte says the police wanted to put a smile on his face after going through we he had to go through this holiday season.

Harte also gave Emetrious a ride in the police car.

"It put a smile on his face and that's what this is all about," Harte said.