Snowvember storm flooding a problem in Evans

Posted at 7:07 PM, Dec 04, 2014

For some residents who live in the 8550 block of Old Lake Shore Road in the Town of Evans, the Snowvember Storm is still causing major problems.

A handful of houses have flooded yards after six feet of snow melted.

The residents say the flooding is a combination of Mother Nature and lack of action by local officials, who failed to follow up on years of complaints that a roadside drainage system was broken.

Homeowner Dave Eastman said the flooding is destroying foundations, cracking walls, and causing houses to fill with black mold.

"Please, we need help down here. We need this repaired and we can't live like this," added Eastman.

The Town of Evans Supervisor's office says it is an Erie County problem.

Residents are being advised to work through Erie County Legislator John Mills to try to seek repairs.