Snow brings good business to ski country

Posted at 11:12 PM, Feb 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-04 23:12:16-05

Ask any Kissing Bridge ski instructor what brings the people to Glenwood...

"The snow. It's snowing this year. It's actually winter," Jeff Freier, Kissing Bridge ski instructor for the past 12 seasons.

Freier says all of the 37 trails are open this year, but last year that wasn't the case.

"It all depends on how much snow we get, if we don't get the snow the trails can be open," he said.

A good season for Kissing Bridge means a busy season for local businesses in Glenwood.

"This year they've had the snow and it's been a good year," Michael Rowan, Pizza Glen owner, said. "We get them after they close, we get them during lunch, everything has been good this year."

But, much like the trails last year, business for him was also pretty for him was also pretty dry. 

"Oh last season was terrible, it was one of our worst year's ever there just was no snow," Rowan said.

Down the street at the Last Run Tavern and Grill -- it's no different.

"The valley really relies on the snow and when the snow comes -- everybody just comes out of the wood works and hangs out," Benjamin Bernard, of the Last Run Tavern and Grill, said.

With more snow on the way, things are looking up for everyone in the ski country.