Snohub: The ride sharing app for snowplows comes to Buffalo

Posted at 11:21 PM, Feb 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-07 23:21:43-05

Snohub, described as the "Uber" for snowplows is making a push in Buffalo. 

Snohub operates similar to a ride sharing app except, instead of calling for a ride, customers schedule for their driveway to be cleared of snow. 

Payment is taken through the app and depends on the amount of snow, and length of the driveway. 

"We live in a very transparent world and there's no reason for this type of service to be underground anymore" Snohub CEO James Albis said. 

"Contractors" can sign up on the app and will receive a "ping" when someone in the area is requesting snow removal service. In order for someone to become a contractor they must pass Snohub's screening and be insured. The contractor also must be able to provide their own snow removal equipment, which can be either a push snow blower or as large as a truck attachment. 

"It can utilize (the contractors) equipment and tap in, tap out and earn some pretty decent money" Albis said. 

The app is available for download on the iTunes store and Google Play. For more information click here