Sinkhole frustration grows among neighbors in East Aurora

Posted at 6:25 PM, Nov 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-21 18:25:57-05

It's been more than two weeks since heavy rains caused a massive sinkhole to open up in a restaurant parking lot in East Aurora. And nearly everyday since, neighbors say deafening pumps have run day and night to keep water from flooding the hole as it gets repaired.

"It's killing me. Being closer," Rob Scibran said as he walked closer to the construction site. "I don't know how the guys deal with it over there."

Rob and his wife Cyndie live across the street from the parking lot of Mikey Dee's Cafe. The noise from those pumps is constant and resonates even inside their home.

"The noise is just---I told my husband yesterday--I'm going to lose my mind," Cyndie said.

The Village of East Aurora is responsible for repairing the sinkhole, since it declared a state of emergency during the flooding. Mayor Allan Kasprzak knows neighbors are frustrated, but said the pumps need to run until crews are done pouring concrete.

"I wouldn't want the pumps running myself, but it's the reality of the situation," Mayor Kasprzak explained. "For this project to get completed, those pumps are a necessary item so this thing can be done properly."

The hole is about half covered and "most" of the work is expected to be finished by next week, according to Mayor Kasprzak. He said the pumps will hopefully be turned off in the next few days after all the concrete is poured and allowed to set.