Siena Research Institute releases numbers on cyberbullying in WNY

Posted at 12:40 PM, Nov 18, 2016

More than half of teens surveyed in Western New York say they've witnessed cyberbullying.

New numbers from the Siena College Research Institute, partnered with AT&T and the Tyler Clementi Foundation reveal that 19% of teens have been cyberbullied.

As middle and high school students spend more time online, parents are noticing that cyberbullying is becoming a prevalent issue.

"In Western New York, one of every eight parents says their child has been bullied online," says Dr. Don Levy, of the Siena College Research Institute. 

AT&T launched a new initiative at Buffalo City Honors, encouraging students to take the '#upstander' pledge. Being an 'upstander' means individuals will stand up for victims of cyberbullying, encourage it to stop and reach out to victims to let them know they're not alone.