Sidewalk snow creating dangers in South Buffalo

Posted at 12:19 PM, Nov 26, 2014

Snow on some of the sidewalks in South Buffalo is piled high and that has parents in the area concerned.

Woodside, Altruria and Ladner are just three side streets where the sidewalks have not been cleared. Shania Mantalvo has two school age children who walk to the bus stop.

“If they don't shovel the sidewalks we are going to have to keep walking in the street and risk getting hit by a car,” Mantalvo said.

Jeremy Conrad said he drove his son less than a block to get to his bus stop. He also feared for his child’s safety.

“What if he's climbing over the pile and slips, falls. If we are walking the cars come and we have to jump into the piles to get out of the way,” Conrad said.

“A mother's worse fear is their child getting hurt so it puts me into a vulnerable positions,” Mantalvo said.

It is the responsibility of the homeowner to keep the streets plowed. City officials said because this storm was so devastating, they are not ticketing homeowners for not shoveling sidewalks at this time.

The city is assuring people they are doing their part, helping to clear commercial sidewalks on South Park Avenue and the surrounding area. They are also working with volunteers to plow sidewalks for the elderly and others who can physically get out of their home to shovel.

“I think that people should be shoveling their sidewalks ASAP. I know not everyone is a parent but I'm petrified of my kids getting hurt,” Montalvo said.

Parents said they hope in the next couple of days the snow will be removed but in the meantime they will continue to walk and drive their children to the bus stop and to school.