Shoveling snow could cause heart attack

Posted at 6:55 PM, Mar 02, 2018

Robert Deinhert is digging out of 18 inches of snow in East Aurora. Deinhert spent about 30 minutes clearing the sidewalk in front of his framing shop. 

“This is the heart attack snow. Because it’s heavy and you got to throw it,” Dienhert said. 

Although Deinhert was joking, doctors say shoveling heavy wet snow could lead to a heart attack. 

Dr. Joseph Riccione with Buffalo Medical Group said shoveling this type of snow puts stress on the heart. He worries about those who might be suffering from heart disease or the elderly. 

“They are asking their heart to put out more. We’re are seeing higher blood pressures, higher heart rates today,” Dr. Riccione said. 

He said you should lift the snow layer by layer, because it could have serious consequences on your back as well. 

“You know proper shoe wear, boot wear all of that. We worry about lifting herniated disc that are there that can herniate further,” the doctor said. 

Dr. Riccione said if you’re not in good physical shape for this kind of work, have a neighbor or relative help. 

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