Should the presidential election process be condensed?

Posted at 11:31 PM, Oct 31, 2016

Halloween, a spooky reminder, that the presidential election process that started in March of 2015, that's 20 months ago, comes to an end in about a week.

While watching their kids get scared in a Haunted House in Amherst (more on that below), we asked parents should the election process be condensed. Most said yes, to some degree.

Since Senator Ted Cruz, the first person to announce his bid for office, 579 days have come and gone. England's last election cycle was 139 days. By law, Japan's is 12 days. 

What about an election season time limit?

Kevin Hardwick, Canisius College political science professor and also a republican Erie County legislator says, a cap of any sort is very unlikely. 

“It's tough to tell people that you can't start running for office,” said Hardwick.

So, this Halloween, after enduring plenty of scares this election season, remember, election season 2020, is right around the corner.