Should drivers be fined for having snow on car?

Posted at 2:23 PM, Feb 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-13 10:26:17-05

Should drivers be fined for not clearing off their cars? That’s what at least four proposals in the NYS Legislature suggest.

In an article on Syracuse.com, Mike McAndrew writes that drivers could be fined at least $150 if they’re caught with 3 inches or more of snow or ice on the roof or trunk of their car. That’s under one of the four bills state lawmakers are considering.

Under each of the proposed bills, the rules would not apply while snow is falling. But that fine could climb to $1,200 if the snow-covered vehicle was involved in an accident.

Ironically, none of the bills are being proposed by upstate lawmakers – all are sponsored by downstate assemblypersons.

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You may remember picture above with the poll. It comes from a case in Ontario, where an 80-year-old man was charged for having an obstructed view.

But there are other ways people are targeted for having cars covered in snow. On Twitter, there is a hashtag dedicated to shaming these drivers and people who do not shovel their sidewalks:

The bills have not come up for a vote in NYS Legislature this year, and they are not getting much support from upstate lawmakers who feel police have enough to do in the winter.

However, the AAA of Western & Central NY says having too much snow on a vehicle creates a hazard for other drivers and could lead to a possible collision due to lack of visibility.

"It is not just a small impact on my vehicle, if I go into the other lane and potentially cut off a school bus, or a mom taking her kids to daycare with small children, it could create a chain reaction effect," said Kerry Donnelly from the AAA of Western & Central NY.