Should college athletes get paid?

Posted at 6:19 PM, Feb 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-28 18:31:11-05

Should college athletes pay student atheles? it’s a conversation that happens in college locker rooms more than you think. 

Jermaine Crumpon is a forward for Canisius Men’s Basketball Team. The Niagara Falls Native believes full-time student athletes should be paid. 

“We don’t have the time to work. We are full time students, full time athletes so basically when we are not in class we are basically practicing or working out,” Crumpon said. 

For decades people have been debating if colleges should pay players for their work on the court. Canisius Head Men’s Basketball Coach, Reggie Witherspoon said college basketball is a hug money maker for many colleges and for the National Collegiate Athletic Association. He think schools like Alabama can afford to give students something. 

“In terms of student athletes receiving money, I’m not opposed to that. But, trying to figure out who gets what there’s a lot of work associated with that,” Witherspoon said. 

Right now several NCAA schools are under federal investigation. The universities are accused of paying players tens of thousands of dollars over the years. 

University at Buffalo Sports Law Professor, Nellie Meosky believes the NCAA could be exploiting some students. It’s leading some like NBA Superstar, Lebron James to call for a minor lead basketball team. 

“I think there are situations in which students athletes are not receiving the full benefit for the effort and hard work that they put in,” Meosky said. 

Meanwhile Crumpon is in his final year of college ball. He said he’s content with only getting his education paid for in exchange for his hard work on the court. However, he would like to see things change for the next generation of collegiate athletes. 

“I just think that when that time comes it will be great for the athletes,” Crumpon said. 

Currently it violates NCAA rules to pay to play. According to Meosky, it’s illegal for colleges to pay “bribe” players using federal money. 

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