Shoppers stocking up before snow and Thanksgiving

Posted at 11:26 PM, Nov 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-19 12:27:22-05

"It's a double whammy with the holiday and the storm," said Jillian Benedict, who had a full cart, making sure to get her shopping done before snow this weekend, and Thanksgiving next week.

From turkey, to water bottles, shoppers continue to stock up, checking out with everything they need.

"We've kind of been burnt at this time of year before with the snow and we did not want to wind up in that same situation again, where we're snowed in without any milk or things for the kids," said Benedict.

Benedict learned her lesson after the November storm, and is not taking any chances this year, filling up her cart before this weekend.

"[My son] and I were stuck and he did not have any milk, and my husband actually had to drive from four hours away and walk two miles in the snow," said Benedict.

While she stocks up on essentials, others fill their carts with turkey six days before Thanksgiving.

"I'm here because last year they ran out of turkey, and I didn't get a turkey!" said Noreen Laks from Orchard Park.

"We waited too late and we didn't get a turkey so we wound up with a turkey breast and we got all kind of flack for it," said John Sherk, who was looking for the perfect turkey. "So this year we got the turkey way ahead of time, and we thought we would be organized."

While shoppers were prepared, so was Wegmans. They continue to restock frozen turkeys every 15 minutes to keep up with the high demand.

"They're constantly going back and forth from our freezers to the floor making sure that our customers have the perfect turkey to take home for their Thanksgiving dinner," said Torie Landsman, service team leader at the Wegmans in Hamburg.

Especially Friday, before snow hits.

"It seems today that people may be in a little bit of a panic with the few inches, our first few inches, that we may get this weekend," said Landsman.

"Anytime they are calling for snow around here, we see a huge uptick on the basics," said Mike Parete, also a service team leader for Wegmans. "Your water, bread, eggs, milk. People are coming in looking to stalk up on those so they don't run out in case there's any power outages or any storms where they're stuck inside their house."

So to avoid that, some shoppers continue to exit the store with full carts.

"People kind of get a little worried and I thought, 'well, you know what, if it does get bad, I'll just come here get what I can now'," said Debi Werner, who was also shopping for Thanksgiving ahead of time.