Sheriff Deputy shot at during traffic stop

Posted at 3:04 PM, Mar 07, 2016

A Genesee County Sheriff's Deputy had a lucky escape Monday afternoon, after officials say he was shot at during a traffic stop.

According to the Sheriff, Deputy Andrew Hale had pulled over a vehicle in the Byron Arrow Mart parking lot for a seat belt violation.  After returning to his patrol car to run the driver's data, officials say both of his rear windows suddenly shattered.  

Deputy Joseph Corona, who was nearby, quickly arrived to provide back-up.  That's when he apparently noticed an open upstairs window at the Byron Hotel, which was in direct line of a possible shot. According to the Sheriff, Deputy Corona also noticed a white male moving around in the room.

When Deputies entered the hotel, they say they found 55 year-old David O'Connor, alone in the room.  They say a .22 rifle was also found and O'Connor also "made admissions with regard to the shooting."

O'Connor is now charged with Attempted Aggravated Murder of a Police Officer, Reckless Endangerment and Criminal Mischief.

O'Connor is currently being held at the Genesee County Jail. He was remanded without bail.