Severe need for prenatal care in Buffalo, United Way to bridge care gap

Posted at 10:59 AM, Dec 04, 2018

Moms in Buffalo are at risk of having pre-term births without prenatal care.

According to the United Way of Buffalo & Erie County, 30 percent of Buffalo women do not access prenatal care in their first trimester. The reason for that is lack of transportation.

To bridge that gap, United Way of Buffalo & Erie County is partnering with Univera Healthcare to support Go Buffalo Mom for three years.

The program will help pregnant mothers access prenatal care. The $49,650 grant creates a part-time position that supports the creation of an evaluation plan and data collection system that helps assess the program's effectiveness and purchases transit passes.

Univera Healthcare's grant will directly support expecting mothers in need by giving them pre-paid, monthly transit passes and allow them to meet with a trained navigator to help them plan the best route to their doctor.


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