Settlement reached in college hazing death of Williamsville native

Posted at 10:32 AM, Nov 26, 2018

The West Virginia University Board of Governors has settled a lawsuit in the 2014 hazing death of Williamsville native and Canisius High School graduate Nolan Burch.
The Charleston Gazette-Mail reports the state Board of Risk and Insurance management agreed to a $250,000 settlement in which the WVU board denied liability in the death of Burch.
Burch, 18, was found unconscious and not breathing at the Kappa Sigma fraternity house in Morgantown. Burch's blood alcohol level was 0.493 at the time of his death, more than six times the legal limit for driving.
The lawsuit was filed by Burch's parents in 2015 in Monongalia County Circuit Court.
As part of the settlement, the insurer also paid a $20,000 donation to WVU Children's Hospital Critical Care Services and $5,000 to the Center for Organ Recovery and Education.

The Burch family has established the NMB Foundation in Nolan's memory, which is dedicated to raising awareness about the dangers of hazing. 

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