Serving Thanksgiving for the less fortunate

Posted at 5:16 PM, Nov 27, 2014

While hairnets and plastic gloves are anything but fashionable, they are popular here in Buffalo on Thanksgiving as volunteers served up a heaping hot meal to those in need at the Salvation Army.

Turkey, stuffing, and of course pie were all on the menu as volunteers served up the traditional Thanksgiving meal to over a hundred people.   

"We come out every year and we serve at the Salvation Army. It's a wonderful organization that does so much for so many people in our community," Mayor Byron Brown, there to serve turkey as a volunteer, said.

Servers and helpers came from all over Western New York to lend a hand, and from all walks of life, including some that were once the ones being served.

"I see in their eyes some of them are needy, some are less fortunate, and now I feel blessed that I'm in a situation that I can give back," volunteer Phyllis Santana said.

A spirit of giving back and helping, a common thread from last week's snowstorm to Thursday's Thanksgiving meal.

"Our society today is about taking and getting, but there are so many people that are really into giving and to serving and we're just so grateful to partner with them to be able to do this," Major Thomas Applin of the Salvation Army said.

There were also meals served out on Thanksgiving at the Buffalo City Mission and the Response to Love Center in Buffalo.